Strategies for Omaha Holdem

The new Omaha Holdem player will soon discover that there are numerous ways one can play and win in the game. There are of course, numerous tactics available and one can try them all, although there are some that one should always include in their plans.

First of all, your Omaha Holdem strategy should always place emphasis on getting the best hand possible; never settle for the second best hand, If the board suggests there is a better draw, and you feel that you are holding only second best, then draw.

The reason this should be the number one priority in your Omaha Holdem strategy is that the greater number of hands you are given means more potential combinations. The big mistake that players moving in from No Limit often make is over playing hands like JT, QJ, JJ off suit etc. For the aforementioned reasons these hands should only be played if there are other cards in the draw that can support it.

Instead of over relying on those starting hands, it is a much better option to look and play hands that are interchangeable; that is, able to produce different combinations among themselves or with other potential draws.

For an Omaha Holdem strategy to work, the best starting hand would be Ah, Kh, As and Ks. Other premium hands are suited faces, suited Aces paired with faces, and Aces with suited tens. It is also possible to use high pairs as this can get you a trip on the flop. Low pairs can also be used for this, although it might be beaten. Generally, for low pairs to work, the best bet is a full house.

Your Omaha Holdem strategy can also utilize hands with gaps, provided they include a J or an 8. This will give you a shot at a straight, or if they are suited, a flush.

Winning in Omaha Holdem requires a lot of other factors to be taken into account, but as a new player this will be enough to get you started, for these are the fundamental aspects of the game on which other more advanced Omaha Holdem strategies are built on.

By learning how to use these tactics you will be able to gain an edge over your opponents, and also help improve your skills. Before you know it, you will be able to compete and win against the very best Omaha Holdem players in the world.

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