Lebanese Chris Karagulleyan is a Poker Pro

There are some gamblers who turn into American poker professionals but they were born in another country. This usually happens to poker professionals who were born in countries where gambling is not legally recognized. Because of their passion for playing poker, they opt to move to a country where gambling is recognized by law. There are also cases when they have no choice but to migrate with their families to a country where, luckily, gambling is legal.

The latter case was actually what happened to the life of Chris Karagulleyan, an American poker professional who was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1968. It was in 1985 when he migrated to the United States with his family. Since then, he held different jobs to support himself financially. Among the professions that he ventured into were as a cab driver, as a baker, and as a food service. Every time he could take time out from work, Chris Karagulleyan would visit casinos to play poker despite the fact that he was a minor. Of course, just like the other poker professionals, Chris Karagulleyan was one of those who experienced lying about their age in order to enter the premises of casinos and gamble.

Well, the hobby of Chris Karagulleyan to visit casinos and play poker when he was still a teenager has indeed paid off. His greatest victory was when he won a World Poker Tour title in 2002 after defeating his opponents to the game of US$5,000 No Limit Hold'em at the Legends of Poker tournament. The second placer in the said event was poker professional Kamaze Hun Lee. Aside from the World Poker Tour title, Chris Karagulleyan was awarded the cash prize of US$258,000.

Chris Karagulleyan has had several victories in the world of poker. He has probably generated poker winnings that amount to almost US$1,000,000. However, this poker professional also experienced losing money from gambling. Perhaps, you would think that he lost his money from playing poker. Well, his experience was a different case. What happened was that he lost his poker winnings from playing blackjack. In 2003, this poker professional joined the US$1,500 Pot Limit Hold'em tournament of the Los Angeles Poker Classic, allowing him to win first place with the cash prize worth US$62,700. What Chris Karagulleyan did with his cash prize was to bet it all by playing blackjack. Unfortunately, he lost the game as well as his money.

Despite such wrong move, Chris Karagulleyan still continues to play poker professionally. The other poker accomplishments of this poker professional include being a second placer in a US$1,000 No Limit Hold'em game of the Los Angeles Poker Classic tournament in 2003, winning US$43,130. In the same year, Chris Karagulleyan won US$10,800 in a US$300 Limit Hold'em Shootout game of the Larry Flynt's Poker Challenge Cup. In the following year, this poker professional also became a third placer in a US$1,500 No Limit Hold'em game at the Festa Al Lago II poker tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada, winning US$27,342.

With such successes in the poker scene, it does not seem like migrating to the United States is a wrong move for Chris Karagulleyan.

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